Lobster Nights at Lineage

Starting on Sunday, September 17th chef Jeremy Sewall makes Sunday evenings at Lineage Lobster Night with a three-course crustacean-centric menu highlighting lobsters fresh from Cousin Mark Sewall’s fishing boat, Kelpa. The $45 dollar menu, which changes every week, will go beyond the standard lobster preparations – so don’t expect your basic boiled, baked, stuffed or steamed version. Options might be along the lines of corn and lobster chowder, lobster with tarragon and brioche stuffing or lobster stuffed tempura squash blossoms. There might even be lobster ice cream courtesy of pastry chef Lisa Sewall. Lobster Night costs $45 per person and is available on Sundays from 5:00-9:00pm. Call Lineage at 617.232.0065 for reservations.

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