Stillman Farms Market Menu at Sel de la Terre

Chef Geoff Gardner pays tribute to summer and his favorite local farm every Sunday evening at Sel de la Terre with the Stillman’s Farm Market Menu, a varied, four-course menu chock full of fresh, conscientiously grown produce straight from the farm. Available through the end of the harvest season, the menus cost $55 per person and have featured courses like native corn flan with house baked ham and Honeycrisp apple compote; basil and pickled French breakfast radish risotto with cured Chatham bluefish and saffron tomato broth; and smoked Long Island duck breast with sea salt roasted fingerling potatoes, cauliflower, sautéed pears and Madeira jus. For dessert, there might be something like dried cranberry brioche bread pudding with butternut squash ice cream and vanilla anglaise. Call Sel de la Terre at 617.720.1300 to make reservations or for more information about Stillman Farms, check out their website.

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