The Cheeses of the Tour de France at Sandrine’s

Chef Raymond Ost gets into the spirit of the Tour de France this summer at Sandrine’s, tracing the race’s route with region-specific cheese plates. Ost keeps up with the cyclists as they spin through Europe from July 1st through July 23rd offering $10 tasting plates of cheeses that hail from the countries and regions that the Tour rolls through. Each plate has three generous samples and is paired with a glass of chilled white wine. Cheeses will change with the scenery as the Tour de France passes from Alsace, to Luxembourg, then into the Spanish Pyrenees, across Provence and into Paris. So, leave your helmet and those snazzy spandex shorts at home and head to Harvard Square for a Tour de France-inspired tour of Europe’s top cheeses. Call Sandrine’s at 617.497.5300 to make reservations.

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