Mamas’ Night at the Oxford Street Grill

Starting June 1st, Thursday nights at the Oxford Street Grill are Mamas’ Night – drop by after 8:00pm for specialty cocktails from bartender Mama Kris and live music from the Bob Kramer Band. If you’re hungry for an after hours nibble, chef David Fitzgerald offers a late night snack menu that’s available until midnight on weeknights and 2:00am on weekends. If you’ve got a hankering for a hunk of artisan-crafted New England cheese or a craving for beef shumai in consommé, they’ve got you covered. They’ve also got house-made pretzel nuggets and Fitzgerald’s own spicy nuts mix, if you’re really looking for something super light to tide you over. Call the Oxford Street Grill at 781.593.3111 for more information about Mamas’ Night or their new late night menu.

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