Chef Samaad Namaad is Ready for His Close-Up

Samad Namaad, the multi-talented owner and executive chef of Charlestown’s Tangierino, is headed for the big screen. He’s playing the lead in Hollywood Express (that’s a tentative title), a story about a Moroccan immigrant who comes to the U.S. after September 11th with dreams of making it in Hollywood. The film, most of which is filmed locally, is the brain child of director Hassan Benchlikha, who’s been working on versions of the script for the last fourteen years. Naamad and Benchlikha are both originally from Morocco and struck up a conversation at a Boston gym back in 1992 – the rest, as they say, is history. We’ll keep you updated on the details – they’re still filming at the moment. In the meantime, to get a glimpse of Namaad before his big screen debut (and to try his cooking), head to Tangierino. Just call 617.242.6009 for reservations first.

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