Ten Dollar Deals at Sandrine’s

In February they introduced $10 dinners at the bar; in March they launched a $10 dessert deal; in April the folks at Sandrine’s are offering a $10 parking discount. In celebration of ten successful years of Sandrine’s, chef-owner Raymond Ost is offering an assortment of inventive $10 deals that’ll nudge Sandrine’s back to the top of your ripe-for-a-revisit list. Take advantage of April’s incentive by dropping in for dinner and parking in the Holyoke Center Garage across the street and Sandrine’s will pick up $10 of the $11 fee. Call 617.497.5300 for reservations or more information and keep an eye out for details about upcoming promotions that might include a spring-inspired lamb salad or a Tour de France regional cheese tasting.

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