Tri-Apéritifs at Sel de la Terre

Chef-owner Geoff Gardner has just rolled out his new Tri-Apéritifs menu at Sel de la Terre. Designed to provide a quick repast for guests who have theater or another evening event on the agenda, the new menu is also perfect as an afternoon nibble for waterfront wanderers. Three two-ounce pours of various aperitifs are matched with three small appetizers – for example, the inaugural Tri-Apéritifs menu includes glasses of White Lillet, Brillet Pineau des Charentes, and Campari accompanied by chilled peach with herbed goat cheese and honeyed almonds; duck liver terrine with toasted almond and golden raisin compote; and orange glazed roasted house smoked bacon with toasted brioche and radicchio. The Tri-Apéritifs menu costs a mere $18. Call Sel de la Terre for more information.

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