A New Take on Dessert at Catch

Although the menu at Catch may focus primarily on seafood, chef Chris Parsons is not averse to expanding the restaurant’s repertoire to include the diverse culinary passions of the kitchen staff. Now, dessert becomes even more decadent with the addition of house-made chocolates from John Paul Porreca, the newest member of the Catch kitchen crew. During service, Porreca is hard at work behind the counter, plating salads and desserts, but long before the first customer walks through the door, he can be found tempering high quality Belgian chocolate, making fillings of puréed fresh fruit, creams, citrus oils, liqueur, and chocolate and finally, pouring the chocolate into each shaped mold. Available to enjoy at the table or on the road, the current incarnation of Porreca’s Box of Chocolates contains one each of an Orange Grand Marnier, Raspberry Port with Graham’s 6 Grapes, Coffee, Caramel, and Pistachio. Call Catch at 781.729.1040 for reservations and more information about Porreca’s Chocolate Boxes.

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