Farmers’ Market at Finale

For those of you whose brains can think beyond chocolate when it comes to dessert, pastry chef Nicole Coady has created a summer dessert at Finale with you in mind. Called the Farmers’ Market and inspired by fond memories of childhood picnics with her grandmother, the two-person tasting plate includes butter pound cake with lemon curd quenelle and crystallized flower petals; blackberry and raspberry dumplings with cinnamon-honey sauce; passion fruit and red currant jellies; a cylinder filled with silver cake soaked in passion fruit, lime, pineapple, and mango juices with fruit brunoise and coconut sorbet; and pyramids of white chocolate mousse served with spiced blueberries. Call either of Finale’s two locations for more information (Park Square 617.423.3184 or Harvard Square 617.441.9797) though in the spirit of the season, we recommend sitting outside on the Harvard Square patio.

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