Take A Deep Dive into Rye

The Smoke Shop/Eventbrite

Everyone knows that Cambridge is a place for serious thinkers, and you can become a bit of a scholar in your own right with a Rye Whiskey Masterclass at The Smoke Shop Harvard Square on Thursday, April 25th. Chef and pitmaster Andy Husbands’ team of whisky experts will be hosting a visit from Allie Klug of James B. Distilling Co. to take a deep dive into the world of rye whiskey starting at 6:30pm, and if you fancy yourself a spirits enthusiast you’d better clear your schedule.

The night includes a three-flight tasting of ryes, including Old Overholt, Jim Beam Rye, and the ‘Shop’s Private Barrel Knob Creek Rye, plus the class kicks off with a custom cocktail made with Old Overholt. Bring an appetite as well as your tasting notebook because there’ll be tasty BBQ appetizers, dinner, and a little something sweet to finish strong. Pick up your tickets here for $70 each (plus a small fee). If you’d like you can even stick around after dinner to peruse their expansive catalog of whiskeys — it’s one of the biggest in the city, after all. Keep an eye on their socials (FB and IG) for updates on the menu, and give them a ring at 617.547.7427 for Qs.

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