Diversity & Dumplings with Mei Mei’s Irene Li

Mei Mei Instagram

On Thursday, August 5th join the Asian Task Force Against Violence (ATASK) for a virtual get together focused on Diversity & Dumplings. You’ll learn the art of handmade dumplings with Irene Li, chef-owner of Mei Mei and six-time James Beard Rising Star nominee. Chef Li will share her skills and knowledge providing you with everything that you need to know to make the flawless dumplings at home from her hand-folding techniques to achieving a perfect pan-sear. Order your early bird tickets online here today for $40 each, but make sure to order before July 30th (to get the early bird price). And if you want to cook during the event, the ingredients and recipe will be sent to you with your ticket purchase.

Chef Li is teaming up with ATASK co-executive director Cristina Ayala for this educational online hang to give people space to learn about diverse cultures, develop mutual understandings, foster empathy and enrich each other’s lives. Since 1994 ATASK has provided multilingual emergency shelter, advocacy services, education programs and outreach to Asian domestic violence survivors in the greater Boston and Lowell areas. Domestic violence and AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) hate crimes have increased in the US over the past year, and the ATASK wishes to help drive awareness and save lives in Boston.
Get in on the fun (get tix here) and help nudge Boston in the right inclusive (and dumpling-filled) direction.

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