Agave Deep Dive at Chickadee

jkraft5 via Canva

If your knowledge of Mexican spirits pretty much stops at tequila, sign yourself up for Chickadee’s upcoming cocktail class for an introduction to some of the country’s less well known boozes. On Saturday, April 6th, co-owner and Beverage Director Ted Kilpatrick will be hosting an Agave Deep Dive sesh, making drinks with Charanda, Sotol, Raicilla and Aguardiente de Caña. You’ll get the skinny on each one (where it comes from and how it’s made) and you’ll get to see what they taste like as the base of some of your favorite cocktails. 

The informative afternoon gathering costs $100 per person and includes 5-6 half-cocktails paired with snacks from chef John da Silva and the Chickadee kitchen crew. You must be 21+ to attend and you’ll want to be in your seat in their Seaport dining room promptly at 3:00pm so you don’t miss anything. 

Go on and reserve your spot online here and book a table, too if you want to stick around for dinner after. Call 617.531.5591 for more info or if you’ve got any Qs.

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