90s Throwback Brunch

Dust off your scrunchies and neon slap bracelets, because Liberty Tavern is taking you down memory lane with their 90s Throwback Brunch on Saturday, March 2nd. Be kind and rewind to the era of dial-up internet, pencil-repaired cassette tapes, and actual music videos on MTV. Get ready to relive the best decade with themed food and drink specials like Bagel Bites, Dunkaroo Dip with Nilla Wafers, and the “Brunchable” – a mini pancake stack loaded with bacon, fruit and a sweet surprise. Feeling extra retro? Dive into the Blockbuster Waffle, a chocoholic’s dream with chocolate chips, whipped cream, Buncha Crunch and cookie dough bites. Wash down your memories with equally 90s-inspired cocktails. Sip on a Strawberry Kiwi Adult Capri Sun for a grown-up twist on the childhood classic or dive into the tequila-based Kel Mitchell that’s sure to make you shout about your love for orange soda. Book your spot here between 10:00am and 3:00pm and get ready to crank up the 90s jams and reminisce about a simpler time. It’s gonna be totally rad!

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