Vesko Blag

Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, chef Vesko Blag studied ancient history at Sofia University but found his calling at a pizza restaurant named Krivoto, where he took his first job in the culinary field.  

In 2006 Blag left Bulgaria for Cyprus to expand his culinary career at Varoshiotis, a seafood restaurant in Larnaca, Cyprus, where he worked on cold mezzas and desserts. He then made his big leap to the United States, landing in Nantucket in 2007. He broadened his skill set, baking breads and making desserts (and rising from prep cook to line cook), working under Chef Michael Lascola at American Seasons Restaurant and Richard Bailey at Alice’s Restaurant.

His wife’s ambition for higher education brought them to Boston in 2009, where he took a position as a prep cook at Brickhouse Pizza & Grill. He soon rose up to line cook, Sous-Chef and Manager in the following years. His love of baking desserts and breads led him to start as a baker and soon after as a pastry chef assistant at Bistro du Midi with Chef Robert Sisca and baker/pastry assistant at Sel de la Terre alongside chef Jiho Kim.

Blag’s thirst for knowledge, skills, hunger for more experience and desire to learn from the best-of-the-best led him to stage at Barbara Lynch’s Menton under pastry Chef Giselle Miller as her pastry assistant and her right hand.

In 2016 Blag started at Moona as a prep and line cook. His skills with baking and dessert soon landed him the role of Catering and Pastry Chef. He took the reins as Chef de Cuisine in 2021. 

A natural leader, Blag has a work hard, play hard mentality. His team is his family, bonded by mutual respect and a passion for cooking as a combination of craft, science and art. When he’s not in the kitchen, he loves spending time with his wife, salsa dancing and reading. 

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