Tony Susi

Chef Tony Susi’s culinary career has taken him all over town – from humble beginnings in the heavily Italian North End to the swanky, fine dining-filled South End, back to burgeoning Fort Point and up-and-coming South Boston and now across the river to Cambridge.

Susi’s learned the ropes at top local restaurants. He started his career at Olives, where he worked under Chef Todd English for more than two years. At his next stop, Restaurant Zinc, and then at Davide, Susi absorbed refined French cooking styles.

His culinary travels took him to Maine where he worked at The Shawmut Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine and then onto his parents’ hometown of Sulmona in the Abruzzi region of Italy, where he rediscovered his culinary heritage. Susi even spent some time on the west coast working in San Francisco in the kitchens of Campton Place Hotel and the Grand Café.

When Sage became available for purchase in 1999, Susi couldn’t resist. The accolades started rolling in – from both local and national publications including Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine and Travel & Leisure. In 2007 Susi shuttered the original Sage location in the North End and moved his restaurant in the South End.

His travels since then have included stops at Teatro, Tavern Road, Capo, Ripasso at Wink & Nod and Geppetto in Cambridge.

In the spring of 2023 Susi joined the Lyons Group as the Executive Chef of Bar Enza inside the Charles Hotel where once again his creativity and expertise shine through each plate that he touches.

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