Shayne Nunes

A Somerville native, chef Shayne Nunes is making a name for himself as one of the youngest and most exciting chefs to hit the Boston area restaurant scene.

Since his days in the Somerville High School culinary program, he has dedicated himself to mastering his craft while also taking time to give back to the next generation of local culinarians. His style riffs on his own Portuguese heritage while also incorporating traditional and contemporary techniques, and is constantly adapting and pushing the boundaries of diner’s palates. He is a frequent collaborator with Future Chefs, an afterschool program that helps teens develop the passion and work ethic required to have a lifelong trade.

In his spare time, which is limited since he manages the kitchen of Davis Square sister restaurants Foundry on Elm and Saloon, he maintains a national ranking in Halo and Super Smash Brothers.

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