Nicholas Dixon

As a child, chef Nicholas Dixon could always be found doing one of two things: getting into trouble or hanging out in his dad’s kitchen. Not surprisingly, his time spent doing both has made him the extremely talented chef he is today.

Starting at the ripe old age of seven, Dixon gained his first actual kitchen experience prepping food (while avoiding trouble) at one of his dad’s local restaurants. Realizing early on he had inherited his family’s love of food, Dixon enrolled at Newbury College in Brookline where he was able to apply years of experience to a classic culinary education, quickly earning him his degree and a job working for the successful Boston-based hospitality company, the Lyons Group.

Looking to broaden his skill set, Dixon accepted an opportunity to work under Chef Michael Mina at Nobhill in the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. While there, he sharpened his basic skills, expanded his palate, and learned exactly what it takes to run a high-volume, high-profile, high-end kitchen.

Dixon’s return to Boston came a few years later when he accepted the position of Executive Chef at Lucky’s Lounge. On display each night was his unique ability to elevate simple comfort food from common family fare to critically acclaimed chow. This style redefined the legendary lounge’s menu making it a perennial city favorite.

His most recent restaurant, Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant, just may be his best yet. Located in the heart of South Boston, Lincoln is the perfect stage for Dixon. Built with the intention of being a comfortable meeting place for locals after a long day of work, the restaurant’s warm and welcoming design compliments Dixon’s finely tuned yet extremely approachable menu perfectly.

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