Alissa Tsukakoshi

As the Executive Chef of Town Meeting Bistro, Alissa Tsukakoshi is excited to create dishes that reflect the ambiance of the Inn at Hastings Park – historically inspired, yet modern and comforting.

Tsukakoshi grew up in a family that loves to eat and cook. Seeing cooking more as a fun hobby, she originally didn’t have intentions of working in a professional kitchen and instead went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Creative Writing from Boston University

During her time working as a counselor at a behavioral treatment center for adolescent girls, she was inspired to make a career switch. Each night a staff member would cook dinner for the entire dorm with a few of the students. In these moments Tsukakoshi witnessed the joy that cooking brought to the students, which made her want to cook for others even more. 

She began her culinary journey at Solea Restaurant & Tapas Bar in Waltham before cutting her teeth in high-end dining in the Boston area at Lumière and L’Espalier. After spending nearly five years in Boston kitchens, she found her way to Nantucket where she worked at American Seasons under Neil Ferguson. Over the next four years on the island, she gained additional experience as a Sous Chef, Pastry Cook and with pasta before coming back ashore to Boston to work as a Sushi Chef and Fish Butcher.

Joining the Inn at Hastings Park team in 2021 as a Sous Chef, Tsukakoshi’s passion for the craft and her innate hospitality quickly proved she was ready to become the Executive Chef of the Inn’s Town Meeting Bistro. As a leader in the kitchen, she’s not afraid to get creative and “reckless,” but also knows how to show restraint to produce dishes that come together coherently and elegantly.

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