Adriano Silva

Hailing from Brazil, chef Adriano Silva made his mark in the culinary world after embarking on a journey that led him to Boston in 2005. His unwavering passion for food and an insatiable drive has helped him perfect his craft and landed him jobs in some of the most esteemed restaurants in the Boston area.

In 2005, Silva found himself at the doorsteps of Barbara Lynch’s prestigious restaurant empire. It was here that he experienced a pivotal turning point in his career. Working at B&G Oysters, Sportello and The Butcher Shop, he was exposed to the highest standards of excellence and innovation. His tenure at these iconic establishments provided him with invaluable experience and a profound understanding of culinary excellence. Under Lynch’s guidance, Silva learned to uphold the highest standards of quality, utilizing exceptional ingredients, and showcasing meticulous attention to detail in his creations. This foundation became the bedrock of his culinary philosophy.

Silva’s culinary journey reached an exciting milestone in 2014 when he assumed the role of Executive Chef at Pier 6 in Charlestown. The busy waterfront restaurant allowed him to showcase his expertise in crafting dishes that celebrated the freshest seafood and presented them in innovative and visually stunning ways. Under his leadership, Pier 6 became a sought-after destination for food enthusiasts, drawn by his imaginative menu and exceptional execution.

In 2019, Silva was appointed as the Executive Chef of Dryft Revere, adding another chapter to his impressive resume. With his exceptional talent, Silva leads the talented culinary team at Dryft, infusing his dishes with a contemporary twist on classic Italian cuisine. He also oversees the culinary happenings at Dryft’s sister restaurant, Fine Line, which opened on Revere Beach in the fall of 2020.

His passion, creativity, and dedication to his craft are evident in every plate he creates, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant Boston food scene.

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