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Tiki Rock
2 Broad Street Boston, MA 02109

Located at 2 Broad Street, Tiki Rock brings escapist fun to the Financial District in the form of over-the-top tiki cocktails and an island vibe that will help you forget your worries and feel like you’re drinking at the beach. With Polynesian plates, live music, and a treasure-trove of rums, Tiki Rock brings a little slice of paradise to the downtown scene.

The bar is the heart and soul of tiki culture, and Tiki Rock is no exception. Pull up one of the 32 stools and peruse the exotic and exhaustive cocktail list, with sketches of the drinks ranging from Trader Vic classics to Tiki Rock originals. Check out the Luau Libations if you feel like sharing, or nerd out over the ridiculous rum list. Whatever you choose, it’s going to be outlandishly garnished, so make sure to Instagram before you imbibe. The beer and wine lists aren’t afterthoughts, either, with respectable and crafty selections from around the world.

The bar is illuminated by funky hanging lanterns, highlighting the space’s spooky beach-party vibe. Otherworldly reds and blues make the room a little mystical, and when the lights are low you’ll want to lean a little closer over the candles on your table. Tropical trinkets decorate the walls—expect to come face to face with a mask or two—and no matter the weather outside you’ll feel cozy and comfortable while you’re sipping the night away.

The menu at Tiki Rock continues the island theme, with updated Asian street food mingling with Polynesian classics. Snacking is encouraged, with a range of playful and savory buns, dumplings, and rangoons to compliment the juicy tropical cocktails. There’s also a range of sushi and sashimi available, from simple hand rolls to house specialties. The entree selection is short and sweet, offering crowd-pleasing burgers and tropical treats like whole fish. For an added bonus, Tiki Rock boasts a restaurant-within-a-restaurant. Oisa Ramen Slurp & Go, the popular ramen pop-up, shares space with its Polynesian cousin. The menus are separate, but the deliciousness is all in the family.

Tiki Rock is open seven days starting at 4:00pm, and serving drinks until the city goes to bed at 2:00am.

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