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608 Main Street Cambridge, 02139

Chef Delio Susi’s second restaurant, Sulmona, takes its name and its culinary inspiration from the town in Northern Italy where his mother grew up. Located just a few blocks from its sister restaurant, Amelia’s Trattoria, Sulmona serves a menu of antipasti, street food, pasta, pizza, salumi and secondi. Diners will find dishes like lamb skewers, fried artichokes, and a vegetarian version of arancini. The pizzas, along with other dishes like braised wild boar, are cooked in a high-powered oven, and there’s plenty of porchetta available in panini, on pizza, and as the star of the plate.

The decor also channels all things Italian. Design elements behind the bar evoke the aqueducts of Sulmona and a bright red old-school Vespa suspended from the ceiling. The spacious room features a lengthy bar, as well high tops, cozy banquettes, a communal table and a ten-seat chef’s table for diners who want to take in all the culinary action.

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