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Shore Leave
11 William E Mullins Way Boston, MA 02118

Shore Leave is an urban oasis hidden beneath the streets of the South End, a quiet tropical escape where time seems to slow and responsibilities fade into the background. Serving up island-inspired plates and pouring high-concept creations in a low-lit subterranean jungle, Shore Leave is the perfect place to rum away from your problems for a while. 

The food menu at Shore Leave can accommodate any appetite and every kind of occasion from bar-hopping to birthdays.

As with all good cocktail joints, Shore Leave has fun with the furniture. From palm fronds to a last-call disco ball, you’ll feel like you’re attending a secret island party beneath the waves. Recessed lighting, deep greens, and flickering torches tip the scales from kitschy toward sexy in the crepuscular clubhouse, but belly up to the long bar that runs the length of the room and you can still get the Hawaiian shirt-clad bartender to pour a porron shot straight into your mouth. 

The bar is the star of the show at Shore Leave, and the round drink menu serves as a porthole to another dimension where rum rules over all. You’ll find the requisite classics here, but the real focus is the artful Shore Leave originals, which layer subtle flavors and focus on spirits rather than overly-sweet juices to create elegant and enchanting concoctions that’ll have you coming back for more rather than regretting your decisions the next day. There’s beer and wine if you’re not feeling the cocktail vibe, and the extensive rum list will have aficionados going ga-ga over the rare and custom barrel selections from all over the map.

Shore Leave serves dinner nightly and rumor has it that there’s a secret sushi bar somewhere on the premises, but you didn’t read that here.

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