Jobs at Hojoko

1271 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02115

Unlike any hotel bar you’ve ever seen, this Fenway gastropub from o ya veterans Tim and Nancy Cushman is a rock ‘n’ roll take on the Japanese izakaya. The restaurant is housed in the Verb Hotel and features much of the same colorful party-on décor as its landlord. One table doubles as a functioning PacMan machine, and a projector in the corner plays anything from Godzilla to The Brady Bunch.

Serving up small plates and sake bombs, Hojoko is the spot to go for great, no frills (well, maybe a few frills) Asian food. Unlike o ya, there’s nothing prim and proper here—sit down, grab some grub, and enjoy.

There are no jobs currently available at Hojoko. On the up side, there are plenty of other open positions here. And, you can get weekly email updates on the latest job openings here.