Jobs at Fat Hen

Fat Hen
124 Broadway Somerville, MA 02145

Fat Hen in Somerville is a cozy nook focused on simple, satisfying Italian fare. Duck inside the intimate space, located inside La Brasa’s former marketplace, for a quiet dinner or date night in a low key neighborhood atmosphere.

Fat Hen’s food is designed to comfort, and fresh pastas and braised meats are the stars of the show. With unexpected but unfussy presentations of local, seasonal ingredients, the ever-changing menu will keep you coming back.

Like the food, the beverage program is built on simplicity and homegrown charm. The wine list is made up of niche Italian producers, with craft beers and intricate cocktails which are delivered through a secret window in the back.

Rich turquoise walls provide the colorful backdrop to an otherwise understated atmosphere, with unfinished wood and linenless tables making the space feel unpretentious and clean. Long and narrow, the vibe is cozy without being claustrophobic, with banquettes lining the walls and a high wooden bookshelf at the back housing glassware and a wide selection of Italian digestifs. Simple, elegant, and warm, visiting Fat Hen feels a little like coming home.

There are no jobs currently available at Fat Hen. On the up side, there are plenty of other open positions here. And, you can get weekly email updates on the latest job openings here.