Jobs at Boston Chops

Boston Chops
1375 Washington Street Boston, MA 02118

The third endeavor from the Boston Urban Hospitality Restaurant Group (the team behind Dorchester’s dbar and Back Bay’s Deuxave), Boston Chops is a refined yet casual steak bistro in Boston’s South End. The dining room, with its 20+ foot ceilings, dark woods and rich burgundy tones, screams steakhouse while the congenial staff and unfussy vibe are all neighborhood bistro.

From its Washington Street perch, which once housed the Penny Savings Bank, Boston Chops serves a robust and creative menu full of classic steakhouse fare (think: popovers, wedge salads and lots of choice cuts of meat) as well as less frequently featured delicacies (think: sweetbreads, tongue and tripe) in a section of the menu titled Rarely Celebrated.

The beverage program balances a wine list with more than 75 value driven selections from all over the world with a well-honed cocktail list comprised of classics and specialty drinks.

There are no jobs currently available at Boston Chops. On the up side, there are plenty of other open positions here. And, you can get weekly email updates on the latest job openings here.