2 Catering Manager jobs open in Boston and the surrounding areas.

View Boston – Catering Manager

View Boston, which encompasses the top three floors of the Prudential Tower, features immersive experiential exhibits and a bistro on the 50th floor, an indoor/outdoor cocktail lounge with a 360-degree outdoor viewing deck on the 51st floor, and a double high (24-foot) indoor viewing space on the 52nd floor. The destination, designed with the adventurer… Read more

Aramark, Lifeworks – Catering Services Director

The Catering Services Director is responsible for planning and leading the entire catering and bar operations across multiple units or in a large account. The Catering Services Director will be responsible for the Catering and bar team, planning, and completing catering orders and special events. Additionally, the Catering Services Director will be responsible for the… Read more