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Tucked away behind its front-facing sister restaurant/ice cream shop, <> (Less Than, Greater Than), a hidden-in-plain-sight cocktail bar, is right there for those who know where to look.

The concept at this East Village-inspired speakeasy is simple: great drinks, great food. Neatly built cocktails based on revived classics complement a menu of smaller fare like ramen with smoked octopus, tuna poke with house made wasabi aioli. To top it all off (and tie it all together): Spirits in Cream, a liquid nitrogen cocktail program that utilizes fresh ice cream bases from the creamery and craft cocktail know how from the bar to create spectacularly cold and creamy treats.

Guests can watch their drinks and dishes come together from across the soapstone bar or cozy up in the dining room at this dimly-lit cocktail refuge.

Less Than Greater Than
28 Main Street
Hudson, MA 01749