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From the award-winning team behind Mamaleh’s Delicatessen, State Park, and former Southern Belle Hungry Mother, Café du Pays is a cozy French-Canadian homestead posing as a restaurant. A menu packed with northern comfort food will warm you up in an atmosphere you won’t want to leave. Stay awhile, eh?

French-Canadian cuisine is meant for hard days outside and cold nights by the fire with friends, meaning it’s rich, satisfying, and heart-warming. The menu at Café du Pays is seasonal, featuring local New England ingredients, but never loses sight of its woodsy, buttery roots. Selections range from meat pies to charcuterie and game meats, and it’s easy to keep things convivial with a number of shareable entrees.

The bar is similarly francophile, with a focus on French spirits (warm up with a cognac) and Canadian beers. Craft cocktails feature ingredients like maple and birch alongside spirits like armagnac and pastis, bringing the flavors of the Canadian woods into the glass. Canadian beers and ciders are available on tap and in the bottle, and the wine list is broad, approachable, and almost exclusively French.

The kitchen might be performing some fancy magic behind the scenes, but there’s nothing haute about the atmosphere, which is homey, and inviting. Most of the lighting comes from antique lamps scattered around the restaurant, which cast a warm glow on plain hardwood tables and patterned wallpaper you might find peeling in an old lodge. There’s no roaring fire, but you’ll still feel like you’re being sheltered from the elements while you dine.

Cafe du Pays
233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02141