Troquet on South Wine Sale

ValentynVolkov from Getty Images Pro via Canva

Hey wine lovers, don’t miss your chance to enjoy selections from the Troquet on South wine list at a steep discount. The award-winning Leather District spot is in the midst of their semi-annual sale to make room for new bottles in their cellar and on their wine list, curated by owner and sommelier Chris Campbell. Reservations are recommended so book a table asap to have your pick (before it gets scooped up by some other wine-savvy diner). There’ll be a display table with the vintages they’re trying to move; just select the one you want to enjoy with your meal. Wines must be opened on site and accompanied by an entree so consider it the perfect excuse to enjoy a lovely night out. Book your table in the dining room online here or by calling 617.695.9463.

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