A New Local Winery

From grape to glass, Marzae Wines is bringing New Englanders wine grown right here in the northeast. Launching this fall, their first vintage highlights the natural roots of the wine and features sustainably grown, regional fruit. Ultimately, Marzae Wines hopes to put the greater Boston area on the map as a natural wine destination.

With a passion for wine, sustainable business, science, and culinary creativity, Marzae’s founder, Eliot Martin is committed to bringing high quality, unique wines to New England, from New England. Earning a Master of Science in Food Policy from Tuft University’s Friedman School and working in the food industry while gathering experience winegrowing and winemaking (including with the esteemed natural winemaker Joy Kull of La Villana Vino), Martin has the perfect blend of expertise and experience to launch Marzae’s first release this month with three different wines from their Sauvage line.

Eliot Martin, Owner, Marzae Wine

Eliot Martin – Founder, Winemaker & Winegrower at Marzae Wine tasting room

Named after edible flora & fauna of New England, the three wines in this launch are special to the region and offer different notes of regional species. Their P. strobus 2023, an American white wine inspired by the Eastern White Pine, is a citrusy, slightly aromatic, layered white wine co-fermented with grapes from New York and Vermont. The second wine, R. typhina 2023 takes inspiration from the staghorn sumac to create an Italian rosato-reminiscent, yet unique, deep and juicy rosé. V. labrusca 2023 is their last wine of this release and is a vibrant fruity wine inspired by the punchy fox grape and the tradition of Beaujolais Nouveaus. Made from locally-sourced marquette grapes and cherries, this nouveau style wine is packed with fun, unexpected flavors including cherry pie and fruit punch. You can pre-order the wines or go and pick-up your very own bottle from Acton starting Monday, November 13th.

To celebrate the first release, there’s a series of launch parties November 24th-26th where you can try all three wines, get a tour of the winery, enjoy music and snacks, and take a bottle of their nouveau wine home with you. Tickets are $50 and include all of the above, just choose the time that works best for you and get yourself to Acton to get in on the fun. For more information on the winery, check out their website and give them a follow on socials (IG and TikTok).


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