National Lollipop Day at Blue Owl

Brian Samuels for The Dial

You may already know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop (if not, it’s three), but the mystery remains: how many sips does it take to celebrate National Lollipop Day (that’s Thursday, July 20th, just FYI)? You can head to Central Square to do some research at the 907 Main Hotel, home of The Blue Owl and The Dial. The boutique hotel is right next to Cambridge Brands, home of Tootsie Roll Industries, makers of Tootsie Pops and the last of Cambridge’s remaining candy factories. So it’s only fitting that you raise a glass, and a lolly, to the big day with a Hey Toots cocktail, made with Monkey Shoulder Scotch, latte syrup, coffee liqueur, pineapple and lemon, and accompanied by a classic Tootsie Pop in one of its five original flavors: chocolate, cherry, orange, grape and raspberry. If you find that the first round goes down with only a couple of sips, run the experiment again with another round! Grab a reservation to get in on the Tootsie action here, or stop in anytime after 5:00pm for first-come, first-served seating (it’ll be on the menu for a week or so so, no rush but also don’t dawdle too much if you want to try it).

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