T-Swift Menu at The Liberty

The Liberty Hotel

In honor of Taylor Swift’s tour coming to Boston in May, The Liberty Bar inside Beacon Hill’s Liberty Hotel has a special collection of Tay-themed sips and bites to get you pumped for Miss Americana’s visit. Round up your squad for a fun night out, or have an intimate evening with your favorite lover anytime throughout the month of May with snacks like Cornelia Street Tacos and Wildest Greens, and toast to love (or heartbreak) with a Red Scarf (Tito’s, Cointreau, blackberry & thyme, lemon, and sparkling rosé) or a Teardrops on My Guitar (Bacardi Superior, Giffard Blue Curacao, orgeat, lime juice, and simple syrup). Pick out an appropriate outfit (perhaps a little black dress, or some old faded blue jeans) and grab a reservation here, or just come by for first-come, first-served bar seating, and take a peek at the menus below to plan your evening of Champagne Problems.

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