Diversity Through Food with @Hangry_Tummy

Meet Aditya Gidh and Leandra Menezes, the two foodies behind @Hangry_Tummy. Both hailing from India, the duo has made it their mission to cover the Boston-area food scene one delicious bite at a time. Read on to learn their favorite spots around the city and their top tip for snapping the best pics.

Tell us a little about yourself. How’d you end up in Boston, and what inspired you to create your Instagram account?

Boston is an incredible city for higher education, and we both came here to pursue our Master’s degrees at Northeastern University. Originally from Mumbai, India, we are fascinated by flavors and a wide variety of dishes. We look forward to eating in groups and trying a multitude of cuisines. Our journey started four years ago when we decided to convert our habitual dining routine into a passion project. Wherever we went and whatever we tried, we were constantly snapping pictures before eating. One day we decided to share our foodie journey with the community while also adding a unique aspect to every post. Each post features a happiness index and irresistibility ratio scale where we rate our adventures and showcase our foodie experiences.

What makes the Boston restaurant scene special? The diverse cultural and international influences surely make Boston special in its own way. From fast-casual eateries to trendy food halls, to seafood restaurants, to trying out a variety of international dishes and flavors (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Italian, Portuguese, Caribbean, etc.), the city of Boston has it all!

Name the top five dishes on your Boston food bucket list.

  • Ramen from Yume Wo Katare: Hearty and pleasurable with every slurp!
  • Tiramisu from Posto: Every layer is absolutely divine!
  • Khao Soi from Dakzen: The depth of flavors is magical. Pro tip: Order it with crispy pork belly!
  • Pan-Roasted 1/4 pound Large Lobster from The Lobster Pot – A seafood extravaganza! Every single bite is a drool-worthy affair.
  • Baklava from Cafe Barada: Every bite takes you on a journey of beautiful flavors.
  • Birria Tacos from Taquisimo – Juicy with an intense burst of flavor in every bite.

What do your friends and family think of your life as an influencer?

Our family is very supportive of our foodie expeditions. They’re always so happy to see us learn new tricks and explore different cuisines. Our friends are always ready to try new restaurants and cuisines with us. Every one of them is cooperative with helping us take photos/ videos during our visits. Every time we visit in a group, our friends also make sure that the camera eats first!

What’s your food photography/videography philosophy, and can you share your top tips for taking awesome food photos or videos? Do you use any fun tools or equipment for snapping the best ‘gram worthy content?

Lighting lighting lighting! Making the most of natural light with proper angles is an absolute must. Composition always matters, and sometimes experimentation plus creative solutions are key in making a photograph powerful. We use a Galaxy S20+ for capturing our experiences and keep editing to a minimum using Lightroom and CapCut for reels/ photos.

What advice would you give someone just starting out as an influencer?

Choose a niche and be consistent. The more you build your network and learn about your audience, the easier it is to organically grow regardless of the changes in the algorithm.

Which Boston restaurants and chefs are nailing it on social?

  • @thelitlebigdiner: The ramen here is bursting with loads of flavor!
  • @juangpizza: Juan creates fantastically textured pies which are so unique and super yummy.
  • @joannebchang: An inspiration for all our baking adventures!

Beyond chefs, what are your top three favorite food Instagram accounts to follow?

OMG putting down just three is so so difficult! In no particular order:

  • @bostonfoodlist: We love the fun experiences and locations Mawra shares.
  • @blumie625: Rachel shares some of the most authentic, unique and yummy editorial experiences at various food spots in Boston and beyond.
  • @yourfoodlab: An Indian chef who creates innovative content and recipes that are aesthetically pleasing in every single step.

Favorite spot that everyone should try once: Pho Basil

Favorite place to splurge: Barcelona Wine Bar, Krasi, and Sarma.

Favorite brunch spot: Sofra or Cafe Landwer (marvelous shakshuka!)

Favorite pizza joint: Hands down, Posto in Somerville. We’ve tried all of their pizzas and can’t get enough!

Favorite neighborhood for food: The North End. This maze of narrow streets has everything. From bakeries, pizzerias, and restaurants, there are so many yummy spots to feast on. A couple of our favorites include The Daily Catch, Trattoria Il Panino, Giacomo’s, Bova’s, Tresca, and Carmelina’s.

Favorite spot to take visitors from out of town: Q Restaurant in Boston, Koreana in Cambridge, and, The Lobster Pot in Provincetown.

Favorite foodie book or movie: Street Food on Netflix is pretty amazing! It covers captivating stories and behind the scenes of various food spots around the world.

Meet The Tastemakers is a monthly column that shares the stories of those contributing to the conversation on Boston’s food scene.

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