Super Bowl Sushi Platters


Not feeling the whole wing thing for this year’s Super Bowl? Get yourself some sushi (award-winning sushi, no less) from the team at Uni instead. Ken Oringer’s Back Bay izakaya is offering platters fit for an evening of football watching, courtesy of Sushi Chef Tsuyoshi Takeishi who’ll be putting together a selection of makimono and nigiri for you to enjoy at home (or wherever you’re watching). Place your order online here before 5:00pm on Saturday, February 11th for pick-up before kick-off on Sunday, February 12th. The platters, priced at $240, are designed to feed two though they’ll make a lovely addition to a whole game day spread if you’re party-bound (‘cause no one needs you to bring another dip). Alas, substitutions aren’t an option but you can call Uni at 617.536.7200 if you’ve got questions. 

Chef’s Selection of Makimono 

*Crazy Boston – ebi furai, boston lettuce, tobiko, tomato aioli, urfa pepper 

*Spicy Tuna – thai bird chili mayo, cucumber, rice cracker Eel & Avocado – foie kabayaki, fried leek 

Chef’s Selection of Nigiri (includes four pieces of each) 

*Sake – Scottish Salmon – sake lees butter, golden raisin, shichimi 

*Hamachi – Yellowtail – chocolate kabayaki, chipotle pepper, orange 

*Akami – Tuna – mustard ponzu, renkon chip 

*Chutoro – Medium Fatty Tuna – takuan radish, perilla seeds 

*Branzino – Mediterranean Sea Bass – poblano kosho 

*please note: no substitutions for sushi platters


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