Grab These Local Preserves

D-Ozen via Canva

It’s peak fruit season in New England which means it’s jam-makin’ time. If you’re up to your ears in FOMO from all the social media homesteaders showing off their canning skills, but would still prefer to skip the hot, sticky day in front of the stove, you can pack your pantry with jars preserves from a few of your favorite hometown chefs. First stop: head to Sofra in Cambridge for either raspberry red currant jam and blackberry jam, made with love by the award-winning team of Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick. While you’re in Cambridge pop over to René Becker’s Hi Rise Bread Co. for a jar of Black Kat Plum & John W. Plum jam — perfect for spreading on a slice from one of their homemade loaves. Last stop: take a trip to the TC Market at Tasting Counter to grab chef Peter Ungár’s strawberry or lemon preserves in addition to an impressive collection of other lacto-fermented canned goodies like hot sauces, vinegars and sourdough bread. Preserves season doesn’t last forever, so be sure to stock up now to enjoy the flavors of summer all year round. Follow these folks on socials (Sofra, Hi Rise, TC Counter) for all the seasonal foodstuffs updates. 

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