Row 34 Rolls Out Green Crab Soft Shell Sliders

Here’s a super easy way to eat something crispy and delicious and do a little something for the environment at the same time: get yourself to Row 34 for the Green Crab Soft Shell Slider. Chef-owner Jeremy Sewall is taking a “if you can’t beat em, eat ‘em” approach with this tasty new menu item which features green crabs, an invasive species that’s been making a nuisance of itself in New England waters for a while now (preying on local shellfish like mussels, oysters and clams and destroying seagrass beds). You can do your part to keep the population in check (or maybe just put a tiny dent in it) but don’t delay – these sammiches will only be available just for the next couple weeks (during molting season when the crabs’ shells are soft). The preparation and price may vary a bit by location but you can book a table in Boston or Portsmouth (sorry, Burlingtonians) to do your part one crispy little bite at a time.

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