Send Cookies from Sofra

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Act fast and order a selection of Sofra’s award-winning cookies to be delivered in time for Mother’s Day. Award-winning pastry chef and all around sweets expert Maura Kilpatrick and her Cambridge-based crew are mixing up special batches of the celebrated bakery’s signature Turkish, Lebanese and Greek-inspired treats to brighten mom’s day. They’ve got care packages and cookies by-the-dozen but real pièce de résistance (the one that’s sure to get you the most props) is the Mother’s Day Cookie Collection which features two dozen yummy morsels including walnut olive oil shortbread, iced oatmeal sesame, Turkish flour cookies, preserved lemon sugar cookies, saffron pistachio shortbread and dark chocolate rose petal sugar cookies for $60 — a decadent mix of goodies for the special mom(s) in your life. Scope out all the options and place your order through Sofra’s online shop before the end of the week! Call 617.661.3161 for any questions about ingredients or shipping.

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