Keep an Eye Out for Si, Cara

Si, Cara

Brush up on your Italian ’cause everyone will soon be saying “Si, Cara” (it means “yes, dear” – just in case you’re not already fluent) when Executive Chef Michael Lombardi of SRV opens his newest concept this June. The future Central Square spot, Lombardi’s first solo venture, will be a pizzeria and natural wine bar serving lunch and dinner seven days a week.

The forthcoming homestyle pizza joint will feature canotto-style pies, a subset of Neapolitan pizza characterized by a super-airy, inflated crust, similar to that of sourdough bread. In addition to pizza, Si Cara’s menu will include a variety of salads and vegetable dishes courtesy of chef de cuisine, Jess Ngo, who currently serves as Lombardi’s sous chef at SRV.

Si Cara will be located at 425 Mass Ave in the new Market Central development in Central Square. Stay tuned for restaurant development and a sneak peek of the menu on their Instagram or website.

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