Farmacia Coming to the North End

Chris Vela

The folks at All Day Hospitality Group (Bodega Canal, Ciao Roma, Tony & Elaine’s and Ward 8) will be transforming a portion of the Ciao Roma space into Farmacia, a nine-seat apothecary-inspired cocktail bar that combines the exceptional hospitality of European street bars with the freshest (and sometimes surprising) ingredients for a unique beverage experience.

Creator Phillip Rolfe (formerly of Parla and Wink & Nod) uses an arsenal of carefully sourced bitters, tinctures, shrubs and cold-pressed juices to craft sips that draw inspiration from the tried and true but aren’t afraid to bend the rules. The Vodka Martini, for example, gets an edgy update with the addition of raw muddled garlic, lemon and black pepper.

Guests, all of whom will have a bird’s eye view of the goings-on behind the bar and direct access to Rolfe, will be able to enjoy drink flights from the menu or go off-book after a quick chat about preferences and inclinations. A la carte bevvies will also be available though Rolfe hopes guests will go for the whole shebang and really let him shine. “By offering customized cocktail progressions, similar to a coursed food menu, my ability to adjust the pacing, the flavors and the weight of the cocktails around each other really allow you to get an experience unparalleled by traditional bar service,” he says. Farmacia will also offer a limited, oft-changing selection of bar snacks including roasted nuts, dips, homemade pickles, and gelato (for those with a sweet tooth).

The mood-lit room, adjacent to the lovely and historic North Square, features an old-school aesthetic anchored by a vintage white marble bar. Tastefully adorned in emerald greens with accents of gold, Farmacia is effortlessly comfortable yet elegant with mosaic tile floors, green leather-upholstered bar stools and illuminated shelving behind the bar.

Farmacia will welcome the crowds on April 22nd, and will subsequently be open Wednesday-Saturday from 5:00pm to 12:00pm. You can book your reservation here to be among the first to check out this unique new additional to Boston’s beverage scene.

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