Restaurants Still Need Your Help

Independent Restaurant Coalition

There’s plenty to be optimistic about – it feels all kinds of springy out there, omicron is waning and mandates are being lifted left and right – but lots of restaurants in and around Boston are still struggling to regain their footing after the last two years of upheaval.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) provided funding to help restaurants (and other eligible businesses!) keep their doors open….until it ran out of monies. Tell Congress and the White House that it’s time to replenish the RRF so that your favorite spots – your local neighborhood go-to, your special-occasion, big-night-out destination and everything in between – can live to cook another day.

The Independent Restaurant Coalition, a voice for the independent restaurants and bars across the country, is making advocating for restaurants about as easy as can be. Just click here to sign their open letter to the White House, asking them to make refilling the fund a priority. And then tell your restaurant-loving friends to sign, too.

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