Halloween Sweets & Treats from Vicki Lee’s

Vicki Lee's

The hard-working team at Belmont’s Vicki Lee’s bakery and cafe has been busy prepping their annual Halloween menu, full of fun and whimsical (and wickedly tasty) treats. Have a peek at all the offerings and start mapping out your holiday meal (you’ll need something other than mini Twixes and Sour Patch Kids to get you through the weekend). Chef Jason Reed and owner Vicki Lee Boyajian are making savories like Ghoulish Goulash, Mummy Meatloaf, Bat Wings and Squeamish Squash (available by the pound or the quart), as well as decked-out sweets like caramel apples, cookies and cupcakes (available per piece). Just call 617.489.5007 to order (do it early to be sure you get your favorites) for pick-up on Friday, October 29th or Saturday, October 30th.

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