Backyard Essentials from Mamaleh’s

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The long weekend is coming up so make sure your kitchen is stocked with all the essentials from Mamaleh’s. They’ve got handy kits so you can feed the family, some of your friends, and maybe a few neighbors with classic deli faves as well as skewers, hot dogs and burgers. Get the Deli Classics for the Family with frozen containers of matzah ball soup, frozen kugel, bagels, coffee beans, potato latkes and rugelach (for $90) or the Deli Platter piled high with all pastrami corned beef, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions along with all the spreads and pickled sides (all for $85). Or if you feel like turning on the grill this weekend you can get all your grillable bits and pieces packed all in one with the Hot Dogs at Home Kit ($32), Burgers at Home Kit ($60) and the Steak & Skewers box ($36). All you need to do is toss them on the grill while you enjoy a cold one. Don’t forget to add on some bottled mixed drinks or desserts and you won’t have to leave your backyard for days, what better way to relax over the long weekend? Place your orders online here (look for the “Memorial Day Menu”) and get your backyard essentials all set.

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