Myers + Chang Friday Lunch Boxes

Myers + Chang

Leave your last lunch of the workweek to the team at Myers + Chang, Joanne Chang‘s funky, pan-Asian diner, where they’ve added a satisfying (and super convenient) boxed lunch to their Friday offerings. You can scope out the week’s menu on the M+C website; if you see something you like (which you totally will), be sure to pre-order by Wednesday to have something to look forward to (like the proverbial carrot on the end of a stick but way more delicious). Pick from the Sandwich + Soup Box or the Noodle Hero Box (both priced at $25 each) to enjoy your choice of bánh mì options and goodies like Esti’s hot and sour soup and dan dan noodles matched with their thirst quenching pineapple ginger soda. Peruse the options below and place your order for pick-up online here or by calling 617.542.5200.

Boxed Lunch Menu:

Sandwich + Soup Box $25
Short rib + Asian pear bánh mì, Esti’s hot + sour soup, bag of shrimp chips and ginger fortune cookie. Pairs perfectly with the house made pineapple ginger soda.

Noodle Hero Box $25
Marinated tofu bánh mì, bag of sesame crisps, Taiwanese dan dan noodles and ginger fortune cookie. Drink it all down with the house made pineapple ginger soda

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