Urban Hearth’s To-Go Passover Menu

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Let Erin Miller and her Urban Hearth peeps take care of the cooking for your Passover celebrations this year with their take-home menu, available for pre-orders online now. The cozy Cambridge eatery is providing delectable options for you and yours to have at home Tuesday, March 23rd through Saturday, April 3rd. Get one of their family meals (like Lamb Roulade or vegetarian herb and wild nettle kou kou dinner) along with bone broth chicken matzo ball soup, sweets (chocolate pecan toffee matzo or lemon vanilla custard tart) and seasonal cocktail specials. They’ve got an assortment of baked goods and pantry stables (like their chili crisp and smoked maple miso butter) if your shelves need a little replenishment along with lots of sippable wine options. Order online today or call the restaurant at 617.682.7295 to schedule your order and have an excellent holiday.


Leg of Lamb Roulade Dinner [available 3/23-4/3]
Dinner for 2 for $75 or dinner for 4 $135
Slow roasted and seasoned with garlic, oregano and green olives. Served with the season’s first asparagus, dressed in white anchovy vinaigrette and a duck-fat potato kugel with spring onions. [gluten-free | nut-free | dairy-free]

Herb & Wild Nettle Kou Kou Dinner [available 3/23-4/3]
Dinner for 2 for $52 or dinner for 4 for $88
Emerald green and packed with fragrant herbs and wild nettle leaf – it tastes of spring. Served with almond quinoa pilaf and a salad of grilled chicory, membrillo, Asian pear and manchego. [vegetarian]

Chicken and Matzo Ball Soup [available 3/23-4/3] for $16
By the quart, our finest 16 hour bone broth filled with savory veg, tender chicken and fluffy matzo balls. [dairy-free | nut-free]


Hot Smoked Salmon – $18
6 oz piece of Gulf of Maine salmon, hot smoked with applewood in our forno. Vacuum packed with a side of fermented beet & citrus relish.

Chopped Liver Pate – $14
8 ounces handmade chopped chicken liver pate with a grated egg and crispy chicken skin


Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon – $6
Big coconut macaroon dipped in dark TCHO chocolate. Enough to share… or not.

Chocolate Pecan Toffee Matzo -$12.00
Crispy matzo topped with layers of toffee, dark TCHO chocolate and toasted pecans, 8 oz package perfect for sharing or gifting.

Lemon Vanilla Custard Tart – $26
10 inch black sesame short crust filled with rich lemon-vanilla custard topped with glazed berries and meringue kisses


Good Cork for 2 – $24
7 oz bottle for sharing | If ever there was a cocktail made for Irish tacos… FEATURING: Irish whiskey | Del Maguey mezcal | Benedictine | Peychaud’s bitters

Apollo Fizz for 2 – $24
Fast and flashy, like its name sake FEATURING: ouzo | metaxa | lemon | ginger ale | olive oil essence

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