Urban Hearth’s St. Patrick’s/Pi Day Twist

Urban Hearth

For a dash of non-conformity and fun, celebrate Pi Day and St. Patrick’s Day with Urban Hearth’s family menu specials. Chef-owner Erin Miller and team have created a delectable mashup to help you celebrate this week in any way you wish. Order up some corned beef tacos, made with corned beef brisket by chef Paul Nadjarian, fermented cabbage and neeps, topped with lucky sauce and served with bubble and squeak tortilla (the Spanish kind) with spring green salad. Or dig into their winter spinach and feta pie (similar to spanakopita but with a twist) and curried carrot and ginger soup with grilled cheese and pimento toasties to celebrate all of March’s green and orange bounty. Take a peek at the special menu below and pre-order your meals online here to warm up this weekend with this all-star list of comfort foods.

Family Menu for This Week:
CORNED BEEF TACOS [available 3/16-3/20]
Dinner for 2 for $48 or Dinner for 4 for $78
fresh flour tortillas, corned the beef brisket, topped with fermented cabbage & neeps, Dubliner cheddar and a lucky sauce. Served with bubble & squeak tortilla (as in española) and a spring green salad with cilantro lime dressing. [nut-free | dairy-free option]

WINTER SPINACH AND FETA PIE [available 3/16-3/20]
Dinner for 2 for $48 or Dinner for 4 for $78
Layers of sliced potato, fenugreek spiced winter spinach and Narragansett Creamery feta, topped with puff pastry.
Served with a side of sugar snap pea and dill tabouleh [vegetarian | nut-free ]

CURRIED CARROT AND GINGER SOUP [available 3/16-3/20]
Dinner for 2 for $20 or Dinner for 4 for $34
Sweet and savory our curried carrot soup garnished with parsley-garlic sizzle.

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