Last Push For Caps on Delivery Fees

The MRU – that’s Mass Restaurants United, a dedicated team of industry peoples who’ve been hard at work advocating on behalf of their peers in the hospitality industry – are putting out the call for one last push to pass legislation that’d put a cap on third party delivery fees which often range from 20-32% per transaction. (You can get up to speed by way of this Op Ed from Jody Adams, Bessie King and Ken Oringer in the Globe.)

It’s getting down to the wire and by midnight on January 5th, it’ll either make it into the Economic Development Bill or fall by the wayside. It’s a simple yet high-impact step the legislature could take to help restaurants who’ve been hit by wave after wave of restrictions. It’s not going to solve all their problems but it’ll provide some relief and show some support to these vital local businesses that’ve spent the last nine months adapting and pivoting.

You can find you local legislator and give them a ring to let them know you want them to pass this legislation before the end of business on January 5th. Tell your friends to do the same. Family, too. Anyone you know who’s ever eaten in an independent restaurant and wants to be able to do so again.

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