Urban Hearth’s Take-Home Hanukkah Menus

Urban Hearth

Pre-order your Hanukkah menu from Urban Hearth and celebrate the festival-of-lights with all your holiday favorites. This year, you might not be able to savor your aunt’s famous sufganiyot (jelly donuts), but you can order these delicious yeasted donuts filled with mixed berry jam along with a pull apart cranberry walnut rugelach ring, Paul’s pickle brined fried chicken dinner, sweet and savory brisket with pepper jelly and more. You can choose from three family meal options of brisket, roast chicken, or vegetarian bisteeya designed for 2-4 people ranging from $72-135 per meal.

Then mix and match extra treats like chicken and matzo ball soup ($16 a quart), latkes with chive crème fraiche ($12 for a dozen) and hot smoked salmon with blood orange fennel relish ($22 for 6oz) for the eight days and nights. See the menu options below and order through their website. Write in your desired date and time for pickup in your order notes. Call 617.682.7295 with any Qs.

Three Family Meals ​

Family Meal 1

Sweet and savory brisket
Braised with pepper jelly reduction
Served with: Celeriac and carrot tzimmes | garlicky swiss chard

Dinner for 2: $75
Dinner for 4: $135

Family Meal 2

Lemon and garlic roast chicken with celery salad
Served with: Creamy cauliflower puree | Roasted napa cabbage with pickled shiitakes

Dinner for 2: $65
Dinner for 4: $110

Family Meal 3

Sweet potato, pine nut and lentil bisteeya
Served with: crunchy winter vegetable salad | whipped feta and herb spread with charred plum molasses & carta musica crackers

Dinner for 2: $62
Dinner for 4: $100 ​

Extra Treats and Sweets ​

Chicken and matzo ball soup $16/ quart
Latkes with chive crème fraiche $12/dzn
Chunky applesauce $7/pint
Hot smoked salmon with blood orange fennel relish 8oz / $22
Sufganiyot (small jelly doughnuts filled with mixed berry jam) $8 / 4 doughnut
Chocolate babka $18/loaf
Pull apart cranberry walnut rugelach ring $22

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