Ocean Spray Farmers for Chefs

Core Cares

The thoughtful peeps at Ocean Spray, an agricultural cooperative made up of more than 700 farming (and bog-tending!) families, are stepping up to help their friends in the culinary world with the launch of Ocean Spray Farmers for Chefs Alliance. They’ve joined forces with Massachusetts Restaurant United and the COREcares Foundation to help strengthen independent restaurants in the Bay State with some much-needed monies to cover costs like rent, utilities and payroll.

If you’re a restaurant in need, you can submit an application for assistance online here starting at 9:00am on Thursday, November 19th.

Ocean Spray has already ponied up $75,000 to get the ball rolling and they’re matching up to an additional $25,000 of donations. So, if even if you’re not in the industry but you like restaurants and going to them and eating delicious things, you can still click through to contribute to the cause – they’re accepting public donations with 100% of the proceeds going to operators in need.

They hope to expand the program into other regions across the country, so wherever you live and whatever industry you’re in, you can feel good about filling your shopping cart with Craisins, Cranberry Cocktail and Cranberry Sauce (whole berry or jellied – it’s totally your call).

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