Woods Hill Table Meat CSA

Farm at Woods Hill

Known for being one of the farm-to-table-iest restaurants around, Woods Hill Table is launching a new CSA featuring humanely-raised meats from its very own New Hampshire farm.

The Farm at Woods Hill, located in Bath, New Hampshire, has long been the source of much of the meat and produce on the menus at both Woods Hill Table and Woods Hill Pier 4. The farm produces its own honey, sustainably farms lots of fruits and veggies and raises antibiotic-free, pasture-raised cows, pigs, ducks, hens and lambs.

And now you can place your pre-order and pick up to stock your fridge or your freezer with grass-fed delmonico steaks, and 100% pastured ground sausages, center cut pork chops, bacon and lamb osso bucco. Just place your order online. Pickups are any time after 1:00pm Wednesday through Saturday at either restaurant or Farm at Woods Hill so you can pick which cuts appeal to you and the location that’s most convenient.

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