Jameson Cold Brew – Your New Brunch Buddy

Irish Distillers Limited

Coffee and Irish whiskey go way back (seriously, the recipe for Irish Coffee was first introduced in 1943), but Jameson® Cold Brew is like the beginning of a beautiful new friendship. Your fresh-faced, new-fangled bestie combines all the smooth, nutty goodness of triple distilled Jameson with rich, fragrant cold brew in one perfectly-balanced, boozy-but-not-too bottle.

Made from Brazilian and Colombian Arabica beans (with no added sugar), it’s got notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate, which means it’s lovely chilling on its own over ice or totally cool mixing and mingling in a cocktail – especially at everyone’s favorite midday weekend meal. Take your new brunch buddy for a spin with a trio of recipes to try at home or head out to any of the spots below to see how the folks at The Cottage Wellesley, Tinker’s Son and Liberty Tavern highlight it on their drink lists.

First up, if you prefer to leave the mixology up the pros, here are some cold brew cocktails you can simply order up…

Jameson Cold Brew - The Cottage WellesleyWake Me Up, Irish

Swing down Route 9 to The Cottage Wellesley for the Wake Me Up, Irish a sweet and salty sipper made with Jameson Cold Brew, cold brew coffee, bourbon pecan caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, creamer, whipped cream & chocolate-covered bacon bits. It’s an ideal accompaniment to their legendary Brioche French Toast.

Jameson Cold Brew - Tinkers SonIced Pumpkin Cold Brew Latte

The bar team at The Tinker’s Son in Norwell goes super seasonal with their Iced Pumpkin Cold Brew Latte, which includes Jameson Cold Brew, iced coffee and homemade pumpkin puree. Topped with a dollop of whipped Irish cream and spiced pepita caramel bark, it’s the perfect brunch beverage to fuel up for an afternoon of apple picking or corn maze-ing.

Jameson Cold Brew - Liberty TavernThe Irishman

Head just south of the city to the recently opened Liberty Tavern in Quincy to try The Irishman, an iced twist on a classic. This cocktail includes Jameson Cold Brew, hazelnut liqueur, Irish cream and Nitro cold brew for a buzzy and boozy brunch drink that’ll add a little pep to your step.

If you’re looking to step up your at-home brunch cocktail game, pick up some Jameson Cold Brew, and give these recipes a try…

Jameson Cold Brew - DalgonaJameson Cold Brew Frozen Dalgona Coffee

Jameson Cold Brew Frozen Dalgona Coffee melds the smooth taste of Jameson with rich cold brew coffee flavor and a hint of cinnamon into one decadent and delicious icy treat. Plan ahead (since the fluff has to freeze overnight) and for a much fancier — and way more fun! — version of your basic iced coffee. Get the recipe…

Jameson Cold Brew - MartiniJameson Cold Brew-tini

Meet the espresso martini’s Irish cousin: the Jameson Cold Brew-tini. A fun take on a classic cocktail, this AM-appropriate beverage feels oh-so-elegant (pinkies up, everyone!), but with just three ingredients (four if you count the ice) it’s super easy to whip up at home. Serve it in a martini glass or coupe to take your brunch mixology game up a style notch or two. Get the recipe…

Jameson Cold Brew - Cream SodaJameson Cold Brew & Cream Soda

Jameson Cold Brew gets a sweet twist in this Jameson & Cream Soda cocktail. The nutty and vanilla-ish notes shine in this supremely easy-to-make, bubbly combo. Tuck this simple little concoction away for future use — any time of year — whenever you’re in the mood for a light and sweet pick-me-up. Get the recipe…

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